David R. Hixson is a Maya archaeologist who began his life among the Maya by participating as a teenager with the amazing service-learning NGO called Intercambio Cultural Maya. After many years of volunteering and homestays with Maya families throughout Mexico, including three Guatemalan refugee centers, he committed to a lifetime of study in the Maya area of Mexico. With a strong belief in public outreach and education in the field of archaeology, in 1996 David began creating one of the first Mesoamerican photographic resources on the internet (Mesoamerican Photo Archives, now hosted by Mesoweb), and he has slowly added to this image archive over the years. He received his undergraduate degree in anthropology from the University of Illinois and his Master's degree and Ph.D. from Tulane University's department of anthropology. For his dissertation research, David worked as a research fellow with NASA's Stennis Space Center to investigate the capabilities of space and airborne remote sensing technologies for the detection of ancient Maya sites in the Chunchucmil region of Yucatan, Mexico. In addition to his work in the Maya area, David has conducted archaeological field work in the U.S. Mid Atlantic, Midwest, and Southeast. He is pictured above standing upon a Middle Preclassic Maya pyramid discovered using a combination of multispectral and synthetic aperture radar imaging in the wetlands of northwest Yucatan.