1935 – 2014

George Stuart is a national treasure. The recipient of numerous distinguished awards for his contributions to Maya archaeology, public outreach and academic publishing, his career spans some sixty years, nearly forty of them with the National Geographic Society, where George served in the distinguished posts of Editor for Archaeology of National Geographic Magazine and Chairman of the Committee for Research and Exploration. In 1984, George founded the Center for Maya Research, now the Boundary End Center, a non-profit organization promoting research into the archaeology of ancient America through conferences and publications, including the famous Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing and Ancient America. As Editor-in-Chief of these journals, George has profoundly shaped the field of Maya studies. To give but one example, George's guide to the style and content of the Research Reports still serves as a guideline for the transcription of Maya hieroglyphs followed by most scholars today. George has also introduced thousands of amateurs and enthusiasts to the Maya through dozens of popular books and articles, including The Mysterious Maya and Lost Kingdoms of the Maya (with his late wife, Gene Stuart) and Palenque: Eternal City of the Maya (with his son, David Stuart).