Marta Foncerrada de Molina was to present the newly discovered Cacaxtla murals for the Third Palenque Round Table in 1978, and Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History instructed her to document the find. Merle Greene Robertson was asked to do the photography. So in 1976 Marta Fonseca de Molina, Augusto Molina, and Merle Greene Roberston spent a weekend at Cacaxtla (this was before any overhanging roofs were installed). The resulting photographs were used to illustrate Foncerrada de Molina's paper and two others presented at the Third Palenque Round Table in 1978 and the Fourth Palenque Round Table in 1980.

Eclecticism at Cacaxtla
By George Kubler
From Third Palenque Round Table, 1978

Photographing the Cacaxtla Murals
By Merle Greene Robertson
From The PARI Journal 4(2)

Mural Painting in Cacaxtla and Teotihuacán Cosmopolitism
By Marta Foncerrada de Molina
From Third Palenque Round Table, 1978

The Cacaxtla Murals
By Donald Roberston
From Fourth Palenque Round Table, 1980

The Writing System of Cacaxtla, Tlaxcala, Mexico
By Christophe Helmke and Jesper Nielsen
BEARC Special Publication No. 2

The following images and photo composites are from photographs of the Cacaxtla Building A and Building B murals by Merle Greene Robertson, retouched to compensate for deterioration of the prints. The murals of Building A are on the structure's portico and its jambs. The "Battle Mural" of Building B is painted on the sloping face, or talud, of the building's substructure or platform. Other significant murals at Cacaxtla are along the stairway leading down to the subterranean Red Temple, as seen in these photographs from the Mesoweb/PARI Photo Database.

Building A, The Portico
Entire Portico: Small (220K) | Medium (668K) | Large (1.2MB)
North Panel: Small (240K) | Medium (1.0MB) | Large (1.9MB)
North Jamb: Small (220K) | Medium (872K) | Large (1.4MB)
South Panel: Small (316K) | Medium (1.5MB) | Large (2.7MB)
South Jamb: Small (188K) | Medium (852K) | Large (1.5MB)

Building B, The Platform
East Talud: Small (384K) | Medium (1.1MB) | Large (2MB)
West Talud: Small (316K) | Medium (1.2MB) | Large (2.6MB)
West Talud Detail: Small (242K) | Medium (848K) | Large (1.4MB)